Mont Ida

Product 4 – Mont Ida ( Vacherin Mont D’Or style French/Swiss Soft Cheese)
Mont Ida is a soft, rich, seasonal cheese. Traditionally it is made from cow’s milk in Switzerland or
France, usually in villages of the Jura region (an origin that has been officially controlled since 1981), and
has a grayish-yellow washed rind and is called Mont d’Or, or Vacherin du Haut-Doubs, from France or
Vacherin Mont d’Or from Switzerland. It typically contains 45 to 50 percent milk fat (in dry matter), and is
produced between August 15 and March 15, and sold between September 10 and May 10, and the Swiss
Vacherin Mont d’or is generally made with pasteurised milk, while the French Vacherin du Haut-Doubs is
unpasteurised. It is traditionally made in the Winter months when the cows’ come down from Alpage and
there is not enough milk to make Comté. It is marketed in round boxes of various diameters made of
spruce. It is often served warmed in its original packaging and eaten like a fondue. A popular children’s
treat, it is often eaten with chocolate spread on special occasions. In British Columbia all soft
cheeses are required by law to be made from pasteurized milk.

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