Continental Blue

Product 3 – Continental Blue (European/Stilton Style Blue Cheese )
Continental Blue is a raw milk Stilton blue style cheese made from 100% Jersey milk. Continental Blue is
made daily which maximizes the flavours and quality of the cheese. It is a non-pressed cheese molded in
a traditional cylindrical Stilton shape. The cheese forms its own crust in part due to the addition of the
ripening culture Penicillium Roqueforti . The cheese is pierced allowing oxygen into the interior of the
cheese thus permitting the ripening culture to grow which results in the magical blue veins radiating from
the centre of the creamy yellow coloured cheese. The combination of high butterfat milk and the ripening
culture results in a smooth creamy tasting and texture cheese offset by the piquant methyl ketone
flavours and blue veins of the cheese. The supply of Jersey or French dairy breed milk is from nonintensive
dairy farming practices and the cows are not feed fermented feeds (i.e. silage) thereby providing
the cheesemaker with the best cheese milk possible.
Unit weight of finished product at point of sale: Round 1.3 kilograms per mold or 350 to 400 grams
average per individually packaged sale.
Continental Blue is innovative and unique to Canada because it has a unique flavour and creamy texture
to other blue cheeses made in Canada; Continental Blue is a raw milk blue cheese whereas Stilton
cheese is required to be made from pasteurized milk; Continental Blue is made from the milk of Jersey or
French Dairy breed cows rather than from the standard monoculture supply of milk from the Holstein
breed; the milk from Jersey cows has the highest cream content of all dairy breeds and is renowned for
great tasting dairy products and is rarely used in the production of blue cheeses; depending on
seasonality and other factors, Continental Blue may naturally obtain the traditional “Extra-Cream” and
“Double Cream” cheese classification without process controlled cream enrichment of the cheese
milk; Continental Blue is innovative in the non-traditional small size of mold employed to permit whole
mold sales while maintaining the traditional cylindrical shape which maximizes flavours and quality while
decreasing the risk of cross-contamination; Continental Blue is made daily thus using the raw milk at its
highest quality; Continental Blue applies the terroir concept and non-intensive agriculture to cheese
making in Canada; and Continental Blue is produced from the raw milk of cows which are not feed
fermented feeds (i.e. silage) thus enhancing the cheese quality and reducing the butyric acid levels in the
milk which otherwise limits the cheesemaker’s ability to make great cheese.

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