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  1. Hello!
    We are having a Cheese & Meat Festival in Vancouver and are hoping you’ll be apart of it!
    We will have 1,650 foodies (550 per tasting) in attendance who are passionate about local products, and who are interested in learning more. The idea with this event is to showcase some of the fantastic cheese/meat/wine/beer producers/suppliers that we have here on the west coast, as well as create an opportunity for interactions and pairings between guests and vendors.
    Some learning from our sister event, The Victoria International Wine Festival ( http://www.vicwf.com ), is that consumers want to meet the producers of what they eat and drink. We feel that by giving vendors the opportunity for dialogue and interactions with consumers in a beautiful setting, they are able to nurture strong relationships and consumers are more likely to seek out those products in the future.
    A big component of this festival is consumer education and providing the opportunity to increase the knowledge of our attendee’s. As such, we will be hosting a few educational seminars varying from a Cheese and Wine pairing, to the art of charcuterie.

    I believe you will find this event to be in line with your product line and business philosophy, and it attracts a similar target audience. I’ve attached an info package with details of the event for your review.

    If you would like to book a table at the Vancouver Cheese & Meat Festival please let me know. There is no cost to host a table, and we are offering $100 back to the first 20 vendors signed up to help offset your labor costs (there’s 15 signed up so far).

    Any questions feel free to email me or call anytime, and be sure to check out our website and social media below. Also, check out the article on us (shared 15,000 times!) http://www.vancitybuzz.com/2016/04/cheese-and-meat-festival-vancouver-2016/
    Thanks very much
    Bryan Vermeeren
    Contact us: http://www.cheeseandmeatfestival.com
    Connect with us: facebook.com/cheeseandmeatfestival

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